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Feed Granulator HKJ300
Feed Granulator HKJ300
Feed Granulator HKJ300

Feed Granulator HKJ300

Producing animal feeds pellets and other pellets

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Product Details

Pellet mill ring die

After investigating the existing feed granulators in the world, considering the different requirements of the applicable objects on the granulated feed, especially considering the characteristics of high hardness and high density of the pressed particles, HKJ annular model feed granulator was designed and manufactured.

The machine has a simple structure, so it can be widely used in small and medium-sized aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms and individual farmers.

The machine has the following characteristics for processing feed:

1. The feed is processed by this model, with moderate temperature rise, which can well maintain various trace elements in the raw materials,with good palatability and large animal intake, which is conducive to digestion and absorption of various nutrients.

2. The particle composition is uniform, the shape is neat, the surface is smooth, the diameter can be changed between 1.5-8mm (the ring mold needs to be replaced), the length can be adjusted between 5-20mm, and the particle density is large, which is convenient for storage and transportation, and suitable for the needs of various breeding objects in different growth periods.

3. Processed feed can be kept in water for a long time to improve the utilization rate of feed. It is beneficial to prevent water pollution.

4. The machine has a wide adaptability to materials, and can process all kinds of full price compound feeds with different requirements.

5. The machine can process both powdered feed with low moisture content and fresh feed with high moisture content.

HKJ300 feed granulator

Supporting power: 30 kW (level 6)

Inner diameter of ring die: 300mm

Diameter of pellet feed: 1.5-8mm

Production capacity: 1500-2500kg/h (diameter: 5mm)

Boundary dimension: 1600 * 2200 * 1900 (mm)

Operating weight: 1000kg

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