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Common problems

1. Product list:Check machine model and product size .

2. Quality:Production in accordance with international standards,accepted by the majority of uses.

3. Customized production:Make the accessories you want according to your needs,material,hardness,sizes and drawing etc.

4. Quantity:Ring die and flat Die greater than 1,roller greater than 2,the quantity is up to you.

5. Price:Our price is worth it.Maybe you feel distressed at the moment of payment,and happy every day when you use it.

6. Payment:Cash,T/T,T/L.

7. Destination:Shipped to all over the world.

8. Delivery:15 to 30 days after receipt of the advance payment,depending on the quantity.

9. Transport:You can choose by sea,rail way,plane and express.

10. Packing:Pallet or boxes.

11. After-sale:Provide after-sales online support.

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