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Why Does The Wood Chip Particle Mechanism Not Form?

Jul. 05, 2018

When the Wooden Pellet Machine presses the wood pellets, sometimes the molding is not formed, and the extruded pellets are loose or even unable to be pelletized. The reason why the wood chip particles are not formed can be seen from two aspects, one is the raw material, but the particle pressing device. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. Raw materials. First, the water content of the raw materials. The granulation of wood pellets, the water content of the raw materials is a very important indicator. The water content is generally required to be below 20%. Of course, this value is not absolute, and different raw material requirements are different. Do the sizing of wood chips like pine, fir, eucalyptus. Our granule machine requires water in 13%~17%. You can contact our professionals for targeted solutions. The other aspect is the principle itself, wood chips, Different raw materials such as straw and paper scrap have different properties, and the fiber structure is different, and the difficulty of molding is different. More difficult materials such as palm. Another is that if it is a mixture, the mixing ratio of various ingredients will also affect the molding rate.

2. Factors of wood chip machine. The compression ratio is a parameter of the pellet machine mold and refers to the length of the mold hole divided by the aperture. The larger the compression ratio, the thicker the template, the longer the material is compressed, and the higher the molding rate of the particles. If the thickness of the mold does not reach a certain standard, the wood pellets are more difficult to form, of course, not limited to wood chips. The factor is the gap between the pressure roller and the mold. This is easy to understand. If the gap is too large, the particles will not be pressed. Adjusting the gap between the pellets is a technical activity, you can consult our technical staff. Finally, the big aspect is that the overall design of the wood pellet machine, or the type of the type. Centrifugal high-efficiency granulation such as wood chips is the best choice, with high pressure and fast speed. Every aspect is a lot weaker. It is a good choice to make a Pellet Machine Ring Die.

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