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Conditions For Full Combustion Of Biomass Particles

Jun. 28, 2018

What is the conditions for full combustion of biomass particles? Many wooden pellet machine users may concern this question. Today, Hongxing, wooden pellet machine manufacturer will introduce this for you.

1. High enough temperature: The temperature is high enough to ensure the heat needed for the fire, and at the same time, to ensure effective burning speed. Biomass pellet fuel has a flash point of about 250°C. The increase in temperature is followed by a well-burning follow-up fuel supply. During the ignition process, heat gradually accumulates, allowing more fuel to participate in the reaction, and the temperature also increases, when the temperature reaches 800°C. Above, the biomass burns well.

2. Appropriate air volume: If the air volume is too small, combustible components cannot be fully burned, resulting in incomplete combustion loss; but if the air volume is excessive, the temperature of the combustion chamber will be lowered, affecting the degree of complete combustion, and in addition, the amount of smoke will be caused. Large, reduce boiler thermal efficiency.

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3, Full combustion time: fuel combustion has a certain speed, reach the maximum degree of combustion, so that the combustion takes a certain amount of time. The biggest problem of burning adjustment is to keep the burning time in the furnace as much as possible, and with enough burning time, complete combustion can be achieved.

4. Timely mixing of oxygen: Once the wind is enough to blow and penetrate the stirring fuel; the secondary wind is strong and fast to enter, and the oxygen in the most burning combustion center cannot be lack of oxygen. In the upper burning zone of the hearth, enough oxygen is kept ( The upper secondary air is opened as large as possible, and the three-stage superheater does not exceed the temperature limit. After the center of the flame in the hearth, a temperature field that gradually decreases is formed. In the combustion process, the biomass particles can fully burn as long as the above four points are satisfied. Sometimes when we encounter problems, we must not think that it is a product issue, we must analyze our own situation. Only a variety of inspections can really solve the problem.

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