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Why Do You Choose Our Ring Die?

Jun. 09, 2018

Hongxing is a professinal Ring Die Wholesaler, which produces top quality Ring Dies which guarantee that the greatest pellet quality. Our tailor-made Ring Dies are offered for pellet presses of brands. At our ultra-modern center we fabricate ring expires for chemical feed, aqua feed, mulch pellets, wood pellets, recycling and a number of different kinds of pellets.

Particular Hole Distribution

 Ring Dies are overrun by the distinctive supply of these die holes at the ring. The comparative position and routine of these Die holes within our Ring Die encourage best capacity of this Pellet Press to get a particular product and pellet size. 

The Exceptional hole supply of this Hongxing China Ring Die guarantees:

1 Longer life (even wear)

2 Greater capacity with exactly the same open Place

3 Lower energy consumption per tonne of produced merchandise

China Ring Die

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