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Differences Between Ring Die Pellet Mill And Flat Die Pellet Mill

Jun. 05, 2018

To be able to comprehend the differences between Ring Die Pellet Mill and Flat Die Pellet Mill, we would better know the significance of wood chainsaw mill. Sawdust pellet mill is a sort of gear used to compress raw substance with specific moisture content into once-molded cylinder or briquettes. It's the advantages of feeding with moisture content and socket without moisture material, molded with compressing force, each of the working processes are completed inside the enclosed body of system. Sawdust pellet machine will be embrace mechanical drive system and also have to be given with lubrication system to guarantee the normal functioning of their gear.

1. Feeding design: ring expire pellet mill embrace mechanical means of feeding that's a small bit stiff. Along with also the feedstock isn't evenly distributed completely to attain an perfect announcement; a scraper is used to disperse the feedstock equally. For apartment die pellet mill, substances depend on its weight falling into the pelletizing room with equally dispersed and great effect. 

2. Ways of socket: Ring die pellet mill is rotating with higher speed, and broken proportion of socket is high. While horizontal ring perish belongs to low rate rotate with reduced broken ratio. 

3.Stress: beneath precisely the exact same diameter of mold, roller of ring perish pellet mill is limited by the diameter of perish, so dose together with all the power of pressure. Diameter of horizontal die isn't limited by the diameter of expire and it might expand the space of internal space of posture. Deciding upon a huge posture could fortify bearing force of a roller coaster. It may not just enhance the roller drive but also extend service time. 

4.Pattern of modification of roller: ring expire pellet mill fix the strain via two screws onto the bizarre gear which found in the middle of roller; horizontal die pellet mill espouse screw pole m100 since the middle of modification system, with countless tons of jacking pressure, steady falling down, gentle hitting, and evenly strain. It adopts adjustment manner o f rotating manual performance and automatic hydraulic pressure.

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