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Why Wooden Pellet Mill Can Not Be Formed?

Mar. 13, 2018

The reason why wooden pellet mill can not be formed can be seen from two aspects: one is raw material, and the other is wooden pellet mill pressing equipment.

wooden pellet mill

1. Raw materials. First, the moisture content of raw materials. To make pellets of wood pellets, the moisture content of raw materials is an extremely important indicator. Different raw material requirements are different. On the other hand, the raw materials themselves, wood chips, straws, paper scraps and other raw materials have different properties. The fiber structure is different, and the degree of difficulty in molding is different.

2. Wooden pellet mill machine. The larger the compression ratio, the thicker the template, the longer the material compression time, and the higher the molding rate of the particles. If the mold thickness does not reach a certain standard, the wood chips are more difficult to form, certainly not limited to sawdust. Another machine The factor is the clearance between the roller and the mold. This is easy to understand. The clearance is too large and it must not be pressed.

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