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Professional Tailor-made Roller Shell

Mar. 10, 2018

The roller shell, commonly known as the press roller, especially high quality roller shell, is one of the main working parts of the granulator and is used to process various biofuel particles, animal feed and other particulate matter. Our company produces all kinds of pressure rollers in strict accordance with customer drawings or samples.

Professional Tailor-made Roller Shell

The photo shows the roller information:

Size: Outside diameter: 310mm Inside diameter: 215mm Width: 210mm

Surface processing type: hole drilling, round hole type

Material: C50 20MnCr5 100Cr6 (optional)

Hardness: HRC 58-62

Service life: more than 400 hours.

The main types of press rolls we can produce are:

UMT, CPM, Sogem, Matador, Amandus Kahl, Buhler, Paladin, PTN, Promill, Andritz, PMV LM, Prima; et al.

In addition, as long as the customer can provide drawings or samples of the pressure roller, regardless of the type of pressure roller, our company can produce.

We are roller shell wholesaler, high quality roller shell and perfect service will provide for you.

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