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The Use of Roller Shell

Apr. 13, 2018

Roller shell includes Stainless Steel Roller Shell and Casting Steel Roller Shell. Before use, grease, dust, and rust should be removed from the surface before routine testing. In particular, the surface of the roll body and roll neck should be carefully inspected for defects such as scratches, indentations, rust spots, and cracks. No roll with surface defects should be used on the machine.

Before rolling, the surface quality, sheet composition, and hardness of the rolled billet should be carefully inspected. When the belt is to be connected, the interface must be smooth and free of projection.

Roller Shell

Roller cooling liquid should ensure uniform and sufficient cooling and lubrication of the roll during rolling, and prevent the hardness from falling or even cracking due to the high working temperature of the roll or local overheating.

Roller diameter should be well lubricated and cooled to prevent overheat damage to the surface. The bearing system is to be lubricated and cooled sufficiently to prevent the roll shaft from breaking due to the presence of the shaft.

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