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Roller Shell Management

Apr. 11, 2018

We can finish our work well once have a good management system. Today we will share the roller shell management.

Before use, a roller shell use card shall be established to record the roll number, size, and roll. After the end of roll life, the roll will be used as the original record.

The upper and lower rollers of the roller shell shall record the time of up and down the machine, the number of steel rolled, the specifications, the amount of rolling, and the reason of grinding (such as normal roll change, variable specification roll change, scratch, peeling, sticking steel, crack Wait.

After every grinding of the roller shell, the starting time of grinding, the diameter before and after grinding, the amount of regrind and the reason of dressing should be recorded.

Customized Roller Shell

According to the rolling material, a reasonable rolling process (rolling passes, single-pass reduction and rolling speed, etc.) is established, and a corresponding roll change system is established for different rolling processes.

According to the use of roller shell, rolled materials, and rough finish rolling processes, a reasonable selection of work roll roll body hardness and roughness on the roll machine. At the same time ensure the reasonable matching of the hardness of the middle roller and the backup roller.

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