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Selection of Ring Die and Roller Shell

May. 14, 2018

There are roller shell for feed machinery, ring die for feed machinery on our website. In this news, we will talk about how to select the ring die and roller shell.

1. The material of the ring die is generally carbon steel, alloy structural steel or stainless steel. The material of the ring die can be selected according to the corrosivity of the material and the work strength of the ring die. Generally, stainless steel is selected for the highly corrosive material and the ring die with a small ring die. The material of the press roll is generally selected from carbon steel or alloy structural steel. Can be toothed or recessed.

2. The compression ratio of the ring mode. The compression ratio of the ring die refers to the ratio of the effective working length of the ring die to the die hole diameter. The compression ratio of the ring die can be selected according to the raw material formulation and product requirements. Low compression ratios increase production, reduce energy consumption, and reduce ring and roll wear. However, the particles are loose, vary in length, and the feed has a high rate of powdering; on the contrary, the particles are strong, the appearance is smooth and glossy, and the powdering rate is small, but the production cost is high. The user can select the compression ratio of the ring die according to his own needs. The ring die of livestock and poultry pellets generally has a compression ratio below 10, and the ring die compression ratio of the aquatic pellet feed is more than 10 or more. For the ring die of some small holes, in order to ensure the strength of the ring die, under the premise of ensuring reasonable compression, the granulator increases the thickness of the ring die and increases the accurate relief hole.

Ring Die for Feed Machinery

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