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Ring Die Installation Requirements

Mar. 15, 2018

Pellet machine ring die is an important part. Do you know how to install it to keep long life ring die?

Pellet Machine Ring Die, Long Life Ring Die

The misalignment of the position of the ring die can cause uneven wear and uneven granulation, and even ring motion, reducing the particle yield and quality. When installing the ring mold, be sure to install it correctly and do not tilt it. If the ring mold is tilted, it will affect the smoothness of the operation of the pelletizer, resulting in unbalanced stress on some parts and components, such as spindle bearings. At the same time, it will also cause uneven wear of the ring mold and the pressure roller. When assembling the ring die, the amount of run-out of the end face of the ring mold should be controlled and should be controlled within 0.2 mm. This can be controlled by a dial indicator. Experienced operators can use fine wire placed on the end face of the ring die and then the ring die can be controlled visually.

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