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Repair of Roller Shell

Apr. 15, 2018

After roller shell off the machine, grinding is usually performed after 24 hours to prevent cracking and dimensional deviation.

During the roller shell and grinding process, the material, hardness, bonding agent, particle size and coolant of the grinding wheel should be reasonably selected. During the grinding process, the grinding burn of the roller is strictly prevented. The grinding burn is classified according to the severity as follows: the burn is not visible to the naked eye → the surface color changes → flaw detection Visible cracks → visible cracks → mesh turtle cracks skin → peeling.

In the work roll grinding, each time the minimum amount of grinding should ensure that the fatigue layer is removed, the depth of this layer is generally 0.15-0.30mm.

In roll grinding, it should be noted that the diameter difference of the mating roller shell must meet the design requirements.

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