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Reasons and Solutions of Particle Machine Ring Die Blockage

Nov. 06, 2017

1, Raw material factors

Raw material crushing fineness should be moderately uniform, because the raw material crushing fineness determines the surface area of the feed composition, the finer the grain size, the larger the surface area, the faster the material absorbs moisture in the steam, which is good for the tempering and granulation.

2, Impact of steam

Particle feed production process of the ideal conditions for the production of three elements are: raw materials, water, steam, good quality, adequate quenching time. The applicable saturated steam softens and lubricates during the granulation process, which can increase the productivity, reduce the frictional heat energy and prolong the service life of the ring die: can reduce the power consumption, promote the gelatinization of the starch and the bonding of the fiber fibers; can increase the particle The rate of forming, reducing the powder, the particles look smooth, beautiful, conducive to sales.

3, Control of vapor quality

Reasonable steam pipeline system design and installation, in the course of both the need to ensure that the steam pressure and flow, but also can effectively prevent the condensate in the pipeline into the conditioner.

4, Effect of quenching effect

Use of the equipment meets the technical requirements of the quenching and tempering equipment, so that the material can be fully mixed with the steam within the conditioner to achieve the role of softening materials and gelatinized starch, which will help the powder compacting to produce qualified products.

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