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Maintenance of Wooden Pellet Machine

Nov. 03, 2017

Wood pellet mill is an environment-friendly machinery. It is a renewable biomass energy source that can directly replace fossil fuels by crushing, drying and granulating agricultural and forestry wastes.

Wood pellet machine equipment routine maintenance work content:

1, Wood pellet machine should be fixed on the ground, you can use cement to fix it.

2, Choose a suitable ring die aperture according to the production of raw materials.

3, Adjust the gap between ring mold and pressure roller.

4, In the production, wood pellet machine feeding must be uniform so that the pelletizing machine can be more smooth, keep the machine running at high speed.

5, Sawdust pellet machine operation should pay attention to the particle machine is placed on the machine debris, granulator test machine to see if the reverse, put less material to see the processed finished product color is standard.

6, Wood pellet machine need to be cleaned bearings and change oil after operation 300 hours.

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Regularly maintain could improve the efficiency of the use of the machine to prevent the use of the machine over time and aging.

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