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Pellet Machine Operation Precautions

Dec. 09, 2017

1, Refuel to the roller shell every 2-3 hours

2, The spindle refueling time is once a day

3, The gap between the roller shell and the ring die could not be too big.

4, The ring die should be heated at first after the wood pellet machine started. When the material reaches a temperature of 50 ° C-60 ° C can feed production.

5, When there is a big noise during working, the wooden pellet machine should be promptly shut down to eliminate abnormal sound. The reason there will could be a small iron or the gap between roller shell and ring die is too small.

6, Use oil to wash ring mold before stop the wooden pellet machine, to prevent the finished product material blocked in the mold hole.

7, The oil in the gear box should be added to the oil 2/3, if found too small, should be added in time.

Pellet Machine Operation Precautions

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