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Roller Shell of Pellet Mill Spare Parts

Dec. 06, 2017

There are many types of roller shell, such as Open Ends Corrugated Roller Shell, Closed Ends Corrugated Roller Shell, Dimpled, Fish Scale Shaped, and oblique shaped roller shell, etc. Our roller shell is made of high wear resistance bearing steel, alloy steel or carbon steel.

Why Choose Our Roller Shell

♦ Competitive factory price.

♦ Good corrosion resistant.

♦ Different types of roller shells.

♦ Safe: high quality and high hardness.

♦ Quality tested before exporting.

♦ Long service time.

♦ Our roller shells match well the the pellet die and have good pelleting performance.

Roller Shell of Pellet Mill Spare Parts

About us

We are a professional manufacturer of roller shells and other pellet mill spare parts like flat die, ring die for many years. Our factory is in China. Our roll shells and other pellet machine spare parts can be used both in fuel pelleting industry to produce wood pellets or feed pelleting industry to produce animal feeds.

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