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New Pellet Machine Matches New Roll Shell

Jul. 07, 2018

A new Pellet Mill Roll Shell must be used with the new ring die machine:

The correct use of the pressure roller is one of the most critical factors affecting the use of the ring mold. In our long-term tests and services, we found that many ring molds have uneven working faces, low discharge porosity, and reduced productivity. New ring molds are used for production and no discharge is required. Most of the reasons are because The irregularity of the use of the pressure roller.

The characteristics of the new ring mold are: the working surface is flat, but the smoothness in the eye hole and the inside of the guide hole do not reach the smoothness required for normal granulation. The eye hole of the new ring mold has relatively large resistance to materials and friction. Especially the small-aperture ring die), and the old roller shells are worn more seriously at both ends. The material is easy to slide into the pressure-reducing groove from the wear of the two ends of the roller shell, resulting in poor or no discharge of the eyelets on both sides of the new ring die. Therefore, the new ring mold must be used with a new roll shell. It is guaranteed to be used for more than 100 hours to ensure uniform pressure on the new ring die face, and the eye hole exit rate and polishing rate meet the requirements. In order to play the best use of the ring model. In principle, the ring die is equipped with a pressure Customer Required Roller Shell, and each ring die must be used with a single pressure roller when it is first used, and the same roller shell cannot be used for other ring die strings.

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