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How to Maintain Wood Pellet Machine in Rainy Season

Nov. 01, 2017

First, we must pay attention to the biomass particles in the electrical equipment, such as power distribution cabinets, power lines and motors, reducer, etc., must be done biomass particulate machine moisture measures, safety first.

Second, the maintenance of the rotor bearings to ensure that the biomass particle machine lubricating oil sufficient, once the moisture into the bearings to dry in time to clean up, so as to cause the bearing rust caused damage to the equipment, increase friction, affecting its operation, and even the whole Taiwan equipment damage.

Third, to the biomass particle machine spray a layer of anti-rust paint, reduce the rust and aging of the equipment, can effectively extend the service life of equipment.

In order to make our biomass pellet machine more long-term use, for the user to bring greater economic benefits, our users in the rainy season should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of biomass particle machine.

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