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How The Wood Pellets Are Made?

Apr. 21, 2018

We have know some knowledge about wood pellet machine. Today we will talk about how the wood pellets are made?

Wood chips or wastes is easily available for pelleting mill. First of all, wood crusher is required to grind the massive acacia wood pieces into sawdust.

Due to the high moisture content, the sawdust should be processed from the conveyer and rotary drum dryer. Drying is made possible by YULONG which is effective at drying sawdust to moisture level of less than 18%. This create the wood pellets reach a high performance rate.

Wood Pellets

The ring expire pelleting mill is the next destination for the sawdust. The pelleting mill is a pellet making machine capable of mass producing biomass fuel pellets from several materials which include sawdust.

Next the wood pellets have been taken to the cooler in which they are chilled and sieved. Sieving helps different poor quality pellets from the good quality ones.

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