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How to Prevent Roller Shells from Being Obstructed?

Apr. 20, 2018

For the biomass feed pellet roller shell or wooden pellet mill roller shell, do you know how to prevent it from being obstructed?

The residual stresses and thermal stresses occur in the preparation process before the roll is produced and used. When applied, it is further subjected to a variety of cyclical stress effects, including twists, changes, shear, contact stress and thermal stress. The distribution of these stresses along the roll body is uneven and constantly changing. The causes of roller shell are not only the planning elements but also the wear of the rolls during operation, the constant changes in temperature and roll shape. In addition, rolling conditions often exhibit abnormal conditions.During the roller shells, stainless steel roller shell is widely used.

Stainless Steel Roller Shell

The operating conditions of the rolls in the rolling mill parts are the most messy. Roller cooling after use is not properly, but also by the thermal stress. Therefore, in addition to wear, the rolls often exhibit various damage such as cracks, cracks, falling off, indentations, and appearance damage. A good roll should have a good match between its strength, wear resistance and other various performance indicators. In this way, it is not only durable under normal rolling conditions, but also less damaging in the presence of certain abnormal rolling conditions.

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