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Do You Know How To Maintain The Ring Die?

Jul. 14, 2018

In this era of technology, we often see a lot of products in our lives. Some of these products are mechanical parts, some are processed parts, so different instruments have different functions. So today China Ring Die Suppliers will find some information about Customized Ring Die. Well, our company's ring mold is refined and degassed by the use of high-quality furnace. The treatment process is also pure, so it is longer than the ordinary ring mold in the service life. The following content is about how to repair and maintain the ring mold. Learn about the attention.

1. Do not start the machine when the ring mold does not reach the preset temperature.

2. Prevent metal fragments and debris from falling into the hopper. If the material is processed, a magnetic hopper is needed to prevent iron chips from entering the barrel.

3. When using anti-mite, make sure that the plastic in the barrel is completely melted to avoid damage to the transmission system parts when the screw is retracted.

4. When using new plastic, the remaining material of the screw should be cleaned.

5. When the temperature of the molten plastic is normal but it is continuously found that the molten plastic has black spots or discoloration, the rubber snail should be inspected.

6. During processing, try to make the material plasticized evenly. Do not let metal foreign matter mix into the material and reduce the torque of the screw.

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