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Factors That Determine The Performance The Ring Die

Jul. 11, 2018

Several factors determining the performance and life of the China Pellet Ring Dies.

1 wear resistance: the damage of most Customized Ring Die is due to wear. Ring die will cause surface wear and die hole increase due to use. The wear resistance of the ring die varies with its surface hardness, microstructure and chemical composition. The key to obtain the best wear resistance of the die is material selection and heat treatment. It

2. Corrosion resistance: some feed ingredients and additives will cause pitting at high temperature and high pressure, thus corroding ring mold materials. Corrosion is the most critical factor affecting the performance of the ring mold and must be controlled. The high chromium and high carbon ring mold has the best corrosion resistance. It

3: in the process of granulation, the die bears great pressure, which can cause immediate damage to the ring die, and the fatigue damage of the ring die can be caused by over working time. Therefore, the selection of the ring die material, the heat treatment method and the number of die holes are all important factors to determine the toughness of the die. It

So we need to use these criteria to choose the mould in a compromise way, because each particular ring mold does not have these three characteristics. Generally speaking, if one of them has one characteristic, the other two characteristics are relatively poor.

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