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How to Choose Ring Die?

Nov. 20, 2017

Ring die is a porous ring wearing parts, wall thin, die hole, manufacturing and assembly of high dimensional accuracy. Work, the feed in the rotation of the ring die and squeeze the pressure roller, through the die hole from the inner wall into a strip out, and then cut into the desired length of the pellet cutter.

Customized Ring Die

1. Ring die material

Ring die is generally made of carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel forging, machining, drilling holes and heat treatment processes. Users can choose ring die according to the corrosive nature of the raw material ring.Corrosive materials should use alloy steel or stainless steel ring die.

2. Ring die compression ratio

The compression ratio of the ring die refers to the ratio of the die hole diameter and its effective length. Users choose ring die compression ratio according to the raw material formula.

3. Die hole shape

Ring die die hole shape include a straight hole, step-shaped hole, outer tapered hole and inner tapered hole. Straight hole and step-shaped hole for processing feed; outer tapered hole for processing defatted bran and other high fiber feed; tapered hole should be processed grass powder light weight feed.

4 Ring die aperture ratio

Ring die aperture ratio refers to the total area of the ring die hole and the effective total area of the ring mode ratio. In general, the higher the rate the higher particle yield.

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