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Basic Maintenance of Ring Die

Nov. 17, 2017

Ring die and other parts of pellet machine plays an important role during work.The ring dies have good mechanical properties and long service life. We can produce and sell a variety of ring dies for any pellet machines.Know the basic maintenance is useful for workers to save time and work smoothly.

Reasonable maintenance of the ring die is an important part for its useful and effective use. In the production process, there will be blockage, wear, sealing and varus for the ring die. How to deal with these problems once you met them? 

The first is to smooth the inner surface, and then chamfering. If you do not make the necessary maintenance,the ring die will result in lower output, increased energy consumption, or even there is no material output. When replacing the  ring die, fill the hot hole filled with oily material. Thus to make the next production cycle achieve best condition.

Ring Die

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