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Granulator Operating Procedures

Jan. 18, 2018

Hongying provide wooden pellet mill and Ring Die for Pellet Machine. Next let us see the granulator/wooden pellet mill machine.

Ring Die for Pellet Machine

a, Do a good job of succession work, learn more about the previous granulator operation or view the previous work record.

b, Turn off the power, check the granulation chamber, conditioner, feeder, cooler if there is more than expected, if any should be cleared as soon as possible, and clean up the debris on the thermometer. Check the oil level, oil, lubricating the lubrication site at the same time.

c, Check ring mold specifications and production process requirements are the same, such as inconsistencies should be immediately coordinated with the staff to be replaced and adjust the gap between the mold roll, and adjust the knife position.

d, According to process requirements to adjust the cooling time, nodger roll gap, sieve sieve size specifications.

e, Notify the boiler room to send steam.

f, Exclude steam condensate, and check the bubble pressure is between 0.6-0.8mpa, and adjust the steam pressure after decompression.

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