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Analysis of Pelletizer Low Output

Jan. 15, 2018

1. If you are using a new ring die, first check the ring die compression ratio and the production of raw materials match.

2. Check the ring die hole smoothness and ring mold is lost round, some poor ring die will appear rough hole, ring die out of round and lead to the material is not smooth, uneven particles, but also difficult to discharge, production is also low. You must use the high quality ring die.

Customized Ring Die

3. If the ring die used for a period of time, it must check the ring mold wall taper hole is worn, the pressure roller is worn.

4. Ring die and roll gap to be adjusted correctly, the pitch is too small so that the pressure roller ring friction mode will shorten the use of ring mode. The pitch is too large will result in pressure roller slip out of the poor, so that lower production.

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