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What Should You Watch Out For When Using Roller Shell?

Jun. 26, 2018

With special processing machine tools for processing, the output of the Pellet Machine Roller Shell has a high accuracy of the inner surface of the circle, the mating surface roughness is small, the outer circle of the axis of the axis is small, the cylindrical surface of the outer circle and so on. Its stability during use is high, and its lifetime reaches the domestic leading level. Cautions when using Customized Ring Die and pressure roller:

1. Properly choose the right die hole compression ratio.

2. Correctly adjust the working gap between the ring mold and the press roller to be between 0.1~0.3mm 

3. The new ring mold should be equipped with a new pressure roller. The pressure roller and the ring mold must be loosened and tightened. When sharp angles occur on both sides of the pressure roller, the sand grinder should be used in time to flatten the flange portion of the pressure roller so that the pressure roller and the ring die can be well matched.

4. The raw material must go through the initial cleaning and magnetic separation before entering the granulator to reduce the iron pressure into the mold hole. And regularly check the die hole to see if there is no blocking phenomenon. Drilled or drilled out of the hole in time.

5. When the ring mold guide taper hole plastic deformation shrinkage should be repaired, repair should pay attention to the ring mold work surface should be higher than the bottom of the bottom of the groove 2mm, and after the repair there is still roller eccentric shaft adjustment Quantity, otherwise the ring model should be scrapped.

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