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Clean Tips of Biomass Granulator

Nov. 22, 2017

The biomass granulator is the main process machine of particulate, which is widely used in industry and chemical fields. Do you know that it need to be cleaned regularly in order to work smoothly and improve its life. Then which parts of biomass granulator are easy to be blocked and how to clean them?

Raw materials and granules

One part, filter screen

Filter screen is one part of the biomass granulator, which is the most important guarantee of making particulates more pure and high-quality. The filter will be extremely serious blockage after long-term use and work. Therefore, in the use of this type of granulator, we need to carry out regular cleaning, which is good for granulation and granulation.

The second part, feeders

Biomass granulator feeder section, is the main premise to complete the granulation and particle processing operations. The feeder may become clogged after being used for a long period of time. If the size of the material is too large, serious congestion may occur, leading to a decrease in the feeding speed. Therefore, the daily cleaning feeders is a must to ensure the normal operation of the machine equipment.

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