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Cause Of Ring Die Cracking

Jul. 18, 2018

As a mechanical product, ring molds are widely used in our lives and are used in many mechanical equipment. Although the use of ring molds has brought great effects to our work, the cracking phenomenon of the ring model will occur. What is the reason for this? Maybe everyone is not very familiar with it, so the following is the ring The Ring Die Wholesaler to give us a brief description.

The Feed Pellet Machine Ring Die is a widely used product in our life. What is the reason for the ring mold cracking? The ring mold material and the blank quality are the causes of the ring mold cracking. The material used in the ring mold is one of the important reasons. At present, 4Cr13 and 20CrMnTid used in China are relatively stable, but the manufacturers of materials are indeed different. Even if the same materials, trace elements will have a certain gap, which will affect the quality of the ring mold. Forging process, which is an important part of the mold manufacturing process, for high alloy tool steel molds, usually related to the material carbide distribution and other organizations. Therefore, we should also strictly control the forging temperature range, formulate the correct heating specifications, use the correct forging method, and slow cooling or timely annealing after forging. In addition, the irregular process can easily lead to cracks in the ring mold body.

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