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Fatigue Failure Is The Cause of Ring Failure

Sep. 08, 2018

The ring mold such as Casting Steel Roller Shell of the granulator is a porous ring part with poor working conditions. During the operation, it bears the extrusion pressure of the roller and the friction force of the material, which causes the bending stress and contact pressure stress. However, these stresses are not the factors that affect the life of the circular mould. Therefore, the bending capacity and productivity of ring dies can be improved by increasing the width, thickness and inner diameter of ring dies appropriately. At the same time, increasing the inner diameter and effective extrusion length can obviously reduce the contact pressure stress of the ring die.59db2b59e4f85.jpg

In order to effectively improve the mechanical conditions of the ring mold such as China Pellet Ring Dies, in addition to changing the external dimensions of the ring mold, suitable materials and heat treatment technology can also be adopted, as well as the design of the surface of the ring mold opening rate.

The ring die is usually made of carbon (alloy) steel or stainless steel through forging, cutting, drilling, heat treatment and other processes. When drilling the annular die, the perforated gun should be used to drill to ensure the quality of each hole. During heat treatment, vacuum quenching equipment should be adopted to avoid surface oxidation and decarburization which often occurs in common equipment, so as to obtain higher hardness.

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