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What Do You Know About the Maintenance of the Granulator?

Sep. 06, 2018

The maintenance method of granulator which maybe be comprised of Wood Pellet Mill Roll Shell, there are many need to know and learn.

In the pelletizing production process, if the user does not have the correct pelletizing operation, it will undoubtedly affect the service life of the pelletizing machine. How can we better avoid the abrasion of the vulnerable parts of the feed granulator? The following is the maintenance method of the granulator:

1. The new ring such as Feed Pellet Roller Shelldie needs to be rinsed after each use. After 15 to 20 times, it will not be rinsed again.

2. Granule feed machine should be used according to the instructions. Too small, low output, poor effect; Too large, waste electrical energy, speed machine wear, shorten service life.

3. After each 1000kg pellet feed is processed, the mould plate needs to be used on the opposite side to avoid shortening the service life.

4. Clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the equipment regularly, and add lubricant regularly to ensure the granulator works in good lubrication state.

5. Frequently remove debris from the ring such as Pellet Machine Roller Shell sleeve cavity.

6. Lubricate the oil label on the eccentric shaft of two rollers before each shift.

7. Check the wear parts such as ring mould, roller, cutter, blade and belt regularly, and adjust or replace them in time to ensure the normal and effective work of the granulator.

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