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Some Advice to Friends Who Often Burn Roller Bearings

Sep. 29, 2018

The roller such as Feed Machinery Roller Shells bearing of sawdust granulator is always damaged how to do? How to maintain the granulator well and reduce the maintenance time?


1. Please watch the roller disassembly of jinwu stock video (video contact 15006148218 ouyang general engineer), and pay attention to the last tightening adjustment.

2. The roller bearing is damaged in two aspects. The first is lack of oil. The second one is that the bearing is not running in parallel, and the characteristic is that the whole roller is not tightened, resulting in the bearing hualan loose.

3. In the overall operation, we check the equipment operation as follows:

Open the door of the granulation chamber, open the main motor, and observe whether the ring mould moves violently from top to bottom, left and right. If the ring mould moves badly, the assembly of the ring mould is not good enough. Observe that there are not many dead holes on the ring die. If there are many, the dead holes need to be cleaned with the impact drill.

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