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Factors That Affect The Quality of Feed Granule - Ring Mold and Roller

Sep. 20, 2018

The influence of ring mould such as Open End Roller Shells on the quality of granule is mainly the compression ratio of ring mould, aperture, diameter and depth of pressure reducing hole, daily maintenance of ring mould and smoothness of ring mould wall. To ensure the quality of granular feed, for different varieties of feed to choose different compression ratio and aperture of the ring mold, after each end of granulation must be used to clean the ring mold with oil, to avoid the ring mold wall due to corrosion become rough. It is inevitable that factors such as internal concavity, rough internal wall and scratches of circular mould will cause particle quality decline.

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The requirements of the apparent quality of feed particles are particle length, smoothness, silt content, hardness, water resistance, color, moisture and so on. The compression ratio is a very important factor here. Different kinds of pellet feed require different compression ratios, such as pig, meat bird, submerged fish, shrimp and crab. For example, the Suckling pig feed is sensitive to hardness. The compression ratio should be determined according to the specific material type, the demand of the customer and the diversity of raw materials. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice the output for the pursuit of quality, and high compression ratio ring mold such as Feed Machinery Roller Shell should be used.

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Press roller, mainly a tungsten carbide press roller shell, corrugated pressure roller shell, such as socket - hole pressure roller shell. When the surface wear of roller shell is not uniform and serious, the particle quality will be affected and the yield will be affected.

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