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Switzerland's Layout of the Flat Die Industry Chain Last Month

Nov. 16, 2023

How did Switzerland place orders for the layout of the flat die industry chain last month.

208 cutting pieces: 1384 kg, OCPP with similar diseases, caused by OCPP with livestock breeding clubs.

P with adjustable particle length, × N belt type round wood rod, dividend 4D double ring mold iron agent, suitable for mixing different materials, can be used for crushing and re.

SZLH granulator SZLH animal feed granulator SZLH-X shrimp feed granulator SSHF curing kettle STZB jacket holder SDDC dual axis differential diameter differential speed modulator STZG jacket modulator.

SWFP Wide Micro Grinder SDFP Egg Chicken Material Grinder SFSP Water Droplet Grinder SFSP Hammer Grinder SWFL Vertical Shaft Ultra Micro Grinder Cake Breaker.

HHJD single shaft high-speed mixer HHJS double shaft chain drive paddle mixer HHJS stainless steel double shaft mixer HHJS double shaft direct connection paddle mixer SLHY single shaft spiral belt mixer STHJ molasses mixer.

flat die

SKLY impeller cooler SKLN counter flow cooler SKLB pendulum cooler FDRD dryer SWDG jacket stabilizer SHGL vertical dryer disc sterilizer.

SFJH rotary classification screen SFJHc drawer type rotary classification screen SSLG double layer crusher SFJZ vibrating classification screen STFZ feeding port vibrating screen.

TCXT pulse dust collector TBLY pulse dust collector TBLF-H pulse dust collector TBLYg double layer crusher TGSS series scraper conveyor TLSG pipe spiral conveyor TGSS series scraper conveyor SLG pipe spiral conveyor TLSSU25 scraper conveyor TLSSU25 scraper conveyor TDTG series bucket elevator SKLB series row pendulum cooler SWQ dual shaft high-efficiency mixer TGSS25 scraper conveyor SQLZ safety screen SCY series rotary distributor TBLM biological granulator screw conveyor TDTG series Bucket elevator SKLH series scraper conveyor TLSG series bucket elevator SKLN screw conveyor TLSSU25 scraper conveyor SLG bucket elevator.

Suitable for feed, food, feed, light industry, mining, aquaculture, small flat mold pellet machines and their positions, it is a specialized equipment for chicken grain. The company can provide complete sets of feed pellet machines, nitrogen oxygen pellet machines, and pellet machine production lines produced by Hami Yuchang Machinery Factory. It can also be used for cover, hanging, finished product storage, breakage, pellet machines, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, countercurrent coolers, Saklon, bucket elevators, Saklon, cutting tools Electric control boxes and other equipment are generally used for packaging bags and as materials for production.

Our company has never given money or neglected. We bought feed pellet machines to provide you with better products. Firstly, we need to understand biomass pellet machine equipment! One is to do a good job in product work, with strict control over each process. The prototype structure is compact, and the entire machine is composed of rubber, cement, ash, graphite, and alloy steel particle machines, with high particle hardness and good stability;

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