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ring die packing information query

Nov. 16, 2023

Three links for checking the packing information of ring die (press machines with lubricating oil), staff criticism and relevant reasons, and carrying out processes such as cleaning, granulation, cooling, and packaging on the granulator.

ring die

After this process, the error is no longer a problem, but occurs in the particle detection unit. As long as the diameter of the double pressure wheel exceeds 1/3 of the pressure wheel diameter, long-term granulation can be achieved, and the surface area of the outer circumference of the particles will increase, thereby reducing resistance, reducing kinetic energy loss, and extending the service life of the mold. This is also to ensure continuous operation and normal operation of the particle machine.

This unit includes elites and engineers of various parts, as well as various supporting ring molds. If you purchase it, you can give it to customers for use and provide free services.

The JWX series rotary distributor is a special machine used to develop wet powder into the required particles, and can also crush block dry materials into the required particles.

TH series double-layer sawdust granulator is our company's combination of traditional products and services on the basis of absorbing the essence of domestic and foreign granulators

All of our company's products have passed CE and ISO9001, as well as flat die pellet machines and ISO9001. Our company adopts international advanced production processes, with a single twin screw extruder and guaranteed quality,

The convenient Suzhou Tianyi Yuan sawdust particle machine produces a circulating material conveyor belt, ensuring the economic operation of the Suzhou sawdust particle machine and becoming an energy-saving new product;

The dual shaft mixer is a unique machinery with advanced supporting equipment and advanced crushing equipment. It is our company's carefully developed domestically first standardized product, filling the gap in vertical feeding of national environmental mold granulation and reaching the international advanced level.

As a new product of our company, the ring mold pellet machine uses energy consumption to achieve granulation effect. Generally, common pellet feed is produced through the ring mold, and these pellet products are made from ultrafine crushers or raw materials through a grinder. These feed products are mixed by a mixer, which can improve the density, hardness, and wear resistance of the pellets, However, there is a major issue with our company's feed granulator, which is the insufficient hardness of the particles. Therefore, we suggest that the granulation requirements of the feed granulator be met in this regard. For the same type of feed granulator, we must ensure that the granulation requirements of each type of feed granulator are reasonable, This is because for many feed pellet machines, we must also adopt a method with higher requirements for granulation. This is because for some feed processing horizontal ring mold pellet machines, the granulation requirements are relatively high. For some large manufacturers of feed products, the granulation requirements of horizontal ring mold pellet machines are generally relatively small. This is because the granulation requirements of horizontal ring mold pellet machines are relatively high, Large parts require a lot of processing in order to be achieved. If the granulation requirements for a large shaft ring mold are relatively low, it can be inspected. If the granulation requirements for a horizontal ring mold particle machine are not very high, then this is because the granulation requirements for a horizontal ring mold particle machine are relatively small, and the diameter of the granulation ring mold is relatively large. If it is a vulnerable part

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