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These changes conceal the trend of the roller shell industry

Nov. 16, 2023

These changes conceal the trend of the roller shell industry, as well as the mold hole brake fabric. Only by changing the inner surface of the ring mold through the main drive can the ring mold be correspondingly composed of rolling bearing friction for 365 days and 24 hours. This is the 520 of L Sai TW, which is formed by squeezing the roller difference. The gap between the inner ring and the main drive wheel flange is relatively flat, and it has a highly efficient transmission support radian with a good fit between the inner ring and shaft. The equipment of the entire machine is easily meshed.

roller shell

All of our granulation unit products have passed CE and ISO9001 certifications, with guaranteed quality.

When you purchase our granulation production line, we will give you a free quantity of vulnerable parts. For vulnerable parts, we always recommend customers to purchase some as spare parts (such as screw components, pressure roller shafts, cutting knives, etc.). However, if your inventory just runs out and you continue with accessories, you can contact us promptly. Our company always stock various types of matching vulnerable parts and will ship them to you as quickly as possible to ensure that it does not affect your production progress.

The production cycle of a complete granulation production line depends on the size and configuration of the machine. The delivery time for standard models is generally between 15 and 90 days.

The twin screw water-cooled strip granulator transports water ring mold surface hot cutting system for water ring granulation, including: hot cutting system, splitter cone, water ring cover, tool holder, cutter head, cutter bar, etc.

For commonly used plastic particles, our company knows more types. 1、 Our company knows more about the types of practical and energy-saving plastic particles.

Our company has a powerful granulation unit, and the domestic economic development mode is: 1. Two types of daily necessities: furniture factories, schools, units, electronic factories, chemical products, heavy-duty H2, manual ingredient factories, cooling machines, rollers, and heat pump conveyors.

The plastic particles produced by our company have the characteristics of fast model, characteristics, durability, safety, and environmental protection. However, our company's plastic particle economy is lagging behind. We often need to ask if you have considered whether our company invests much money every year. We have received national policies and have many years of experience in mechanical manufacturing for our factory's straw particle machines, sawdust particle machines, biomass particle machines, etc, So we will take technology as our goal and continue to develop

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