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High cost performance ring die products occupy most of the market

Nov. 16, 2023

High cost performance ring die products occupy most of the market.

The larger the enterprise, the better it has the ability to transform and do better, and the company has strong strength and lower supply. The main enterprise faces high expectations from the employment bureau, especially various agricultural and forestry waste such as Xiaoyiwu, soybeans, husks, weeds, etc;

The straw granulator is a machine that compresses the crushed dry straw into cigarette shaped straw rod-shaped particles through physical compression. It requires the moisture content (moisture/min) of the straw material to be controlled within a certain range, which cannot be ignored. It takes a long time and the company has good benefits, so it occupies a certain position in the market.

SZLH granulator SZLH animal feed granulator SZLH-X shrimp feed granulator SSHF curing kettle STZB jacket holder SDDC dual axis differential diameter differential speed modulator STZG jacket modulator.

SWFP Wide Micro Grinder SDFP Egg Chicken Material Grinder SFSP Water Droplet Grinder SFSP Hammer Grinder SWFL Vertical Shaft Ultra Micro Grinder Cake Breaker.

ring die

HHJD single shaft high-speed mixer HHJS double shaft chain drive paddle mixer HHJS stainless steel double shaft mixer HHJS double shaft direct connection paddle mixer SLHY single shaft spiral belt mixer STHJ molasses mixer.

SKLY impeller cooler SKLN counter flow cooler SKLB pendulum cooler FDRD dryer SWDG jacket stabilizer SHGL vertical dryer disc sterilizer.

SFJH rotary classification screen SFJHc drawer type rotary classification screen SSLG double layer crusher SFJZ vibrating classification screen STFZ feeding port vibrating screen.

ring die

The tower type dust collector spiral conveyor is a granulation equipment with low failure, low output, and convenient operation and maintenance. Due to the adjustment of the clearance between gears, pressure rollers, and ring molds by comprehensive crusher products such as pins, pressure, fans, Sakron, and electric motors, the accessories of the granulation machine are composed of gears, bearings, pressure rollers, and ring mold shell shafts, including elevators, scrapers, rotors, double shafts, screws, transmissions, and pressure roller bearings The overall structure design of the pressure roller bearing is reasonable and easy to operate, with relatively high output and applicability in various aspects.

The particle pulse dust collector is the foundation for our company to absorb the advantages of similar products both domestically and internationally, with good production and environmental benefits. It has been a great improvement for our company, and we want to learn from you. In the future, we can produce more rod-shaped products based on our own factory function, and we are confident in your equipment production

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