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The main difficulty faced by enterprises is the reduction of orders for flat die in the sea freight market, which is no longer difficult to obtain for one box

Nov. 02, 2023

The reduction in flat die orders in the sea freight market is no longer a major challenge for enterprises. Due to the small size of the organization, there are differences in the commonly used vertical ring mold particle machines in the market, but the cost is relatively low. Therefore, it is necessary to choose equipment according to your needs to ensure that all your processes work together. At the same time, considering the specific situation, let your machine remotely contact our customer service to ensure that our production needs provide you with suitable solutions.

There are three types of PLC pellet machines that can produce pellet feed according to different formulas, ensuring that all your formulas are in place.

Scope of application: Feed granulator is a feed granulation equipment invented based on the needs of industrial production in China, combined with biomass energy. It solves the important problem of developing biomass granulators for biomass granulators and can also be applied to the production of livestock, aquatic products, and animal husbandry.

flat die

The other two models of granulators are different, and you need to customize your production needs according to your needs to meet all your needs.

SZLH granulator is a kind of Pellet fuel molding machine developed by our company according to the needs of industrial production in China, which is convenient for taking wood flour, wood chips, rice husks, bamboo chips and other agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials. This machine is a large granulator for processing biomass fuels,

flat die

At present, the company mainly produces sawdust particle machines, including sawdust particle machines, straw particle machines, sawdust particle machines, biomass particle machines, etc. What products do our company provide? We immediately assist customers in designing the sawdust particle machine production line and strive to come to our doorstep.

Straw pellet machine is a modern clean fuel that compresses biomass materials such as sawdust, rice husk, and bark into fuel particles. It can use biomass such as straw as fuel to increase production. In addition, there are many agricultural waste that can be crushed, mixed, granulated, dried, and biomass particles to improve the utilization efficiency of agriculture.

The biomass pellet machine was invented based on the needs of industrial production in China, after years of research and design in collaboration with authoritative national research institutions. 1. Biomass pellet machine processing has a wide range of raw materials, which can be used as feed, cotton firewood, reed and other fuels, as well as for the fermentation of various non wooden raw materials.

The straw pellet machine planting industry has broad prospects. The biomass pellet machine industry, which produces 1 ton of straw per hour, is undergoing development in energy security. Currently, biomass pellet machines are relatively advanced in energy in other countries in China, but they are largely unable to replicate because the use of biomass particles at room temperature can achieve resource sharing for 4, 5, and 6 tons of straw, combined with biomass particles and crop waste, Discovered that straw can be utilized to achieve independent socio-economic development.

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