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Analysis on the invalidity of the procurement contract for the roller shell

Nov. 01, 2023

Analysis of the invalidity of the procurement contract for the roller shell.

roller shell

The production of pellet feed requires pig feed and livestock feed to be forged using liquid livestock and poultry quantitative conveying stainless steel. However, the hardness requirements of this feed industry are lower. If suppliers choose larger blocks of feed, it will be difficult for this product to achieve great improvement, and even difficult to feed, reducing the cost of feed.

When making pellet feed, it is necessary to provide a good and good liquid to provide the best ring mold and ring mold for the desired feed. This feed material usually comes from crops such as tree branches, sawdust, palm circles, sugarcane bagasse, rice husks, straw, corn cob, cotton stalks, walnut skin, chestnut skin, and some non second-hand, quick acting, and risk-free feed. This type of pellet machine may not be suitable for the use of these feed, which is the main purpose of granulation.

The material needs to be dried. While the material is dry, it also produces adhesion, which can be evenly stirred and adhered. Based on these adhesiveness or compressible and unreasonable materials that do not affect granulation, the compressibility of the material should be ensured, and some should have been used before.

For the ring mold granulator, there should be a large production capacity. This phenomenon is easy to solve, but for pellet machines, since the emergence of biomass pellet machines, it has a lot to do with the explanation. Let's refuel together! For a granulator, it is necessary to remove impurities from the crushed material.

The particle machine requires a moisture content of 15% -17% for raw materials, and the size should be based on the particle size equipment of both (such as particle diameter, pressure block, mold hole diameter, and the selection of appropriate molds).

This classification is very important. Based on the above five points, you can choose a suitable granulator, which mainly includes motors, rollers, and molds. This selection is mainly divided into two parts.

Judging from the effect of the ring mold and pressure roller on the hoop host of the particle machine, there should be many cracks in the joint venture between the enterprise and high-tech enterprises, which usually occurs at 8:400. 1. The particle machine is subjected to the pressure of the ring mold and the friction between the pressure rollers, which leads to cracks. This phenomenon indicates that the pressure of the particle machine is relatively high, and larger ones are relatively rare. Therefore, it requires a certain period of time to effectively burn.

Check if the ring mold and pressure roller are still unevenly distributed up and down. The loud sound gradually increases and forms a low point, which leads to the appearance of the particle machine. In addition, there is a malfunction during the process, which will cause the particle machine to be unable to operate. Only by adjusting the loose belt can the particle machine be left in place.

The above is all about the main shaft bearings of the particle machine. I hope to protect a certain role of the particle machine through the above aspects, so as to maintain the fault and troubleshooting methods of the particle machine.

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