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Obtain more accurate user data for flat dies

Nov. 01, 2023

Obtain more accurate user data for flat dies/feed pellet machines in the breeding ground.

flat die

The chicken feed pellet machine produced by Shandong Yuguan Machinery belongs to the feed pellet machine. It is a feed processing machine that uses corn, soybean meal, straw, straw, rice husk, and other raw materials as raw materials, and directly presses them into pellets after crushing the raw materials.

This machine adopts the principle of roller differential speed to compress and shear the incoming materials, increasing the particle diameter of large particles to 6-8mm. The outer surface hardness of the ring mold and pressure roller is 5-10mm higher than the overall hardness.

The transmission part of the entire machine adopts high-quality imported bearings and oil seals to ensure efficient, stable, and low noise transmission.

The internationally advanced compensated serpentine spring coupling has novel, compact, safe, and low fault performance.

The customer mainly produces broiler pellet feed. This type of machine (shell) has novel, compact, safe, and low failure performance. However, this type of machine (soft duck) shell absorbs the structural principles of traditional granulators, adapts to the pressed materials, and customizes superior molds for various granulators, extending equipment life, improving product quality, and reducing ton consumption costs.

flat die

Customers can customize ring molds according to their needs, and different feed pellet machines are used to produce livestock and poultry pellet feed with arc shaped blades, direct connected ring molds, and reverse X series feed pellet machines.

Located in urban and rural areas, both urban and rural areas. The main equipment for this shipment includes: 350 ring mold particle machine, multifunctional crusher, spiral elevator, twist dragon, bucket elevator, spiral elevator, bucket elevator, countercurrent cooler, waiting grain bin, grass powder bin, pulse dust collector, zigzag iron remover, etc.

This unit is a new type of biomass pellet machine that has been researched and developed for many years. It can process particles mainly integrated with various biomass materials, with a single pellet machine. Welcome to have years of research! (1) There are two types of structures for horizontal granulators, namely: dual unit, flat mold granulator, and dual shaft paddle mixer, which are made by pulverizer or water straw. The main parts of biomass particles are made of flat mold granulator as 250 ring mold granulator, phosphorus powder particle steel plate granulator, and biomass granulator as vulnerable parts, which have compact structure, safety, low noise, and low failure performance.

The unit has the advantages of compact structure, positioning, fast speed, low noise, small footprint, stability and reliability. The particle machine is a clean and renewable energy source. During idle operation, the machine tooth blank undergoes special treatment to make starch gelatinize, protein denature, various nutrients such as grains and proteins. By controlling the three-way valve, we can increase the brand of pellet machines. These feed are high-end livestock and poultry feed factories that can derive large pellet feed according to their needs. For example, they can effectively improve the production efficiency of pellet machines, improve the large particles, smooth surface, and internal ripening of pellet feed, and improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Our company's feed granulators include self suction crushers, columnar pellet machines, spiral elevators, and bucket elevators Counterflow cooler, fan, shaker, batching scale, and other auxiliary equipment, including vertical mixer, horizontal mixer, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, and counterflow cooler.

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