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Description of specifications and indicators for ring dies

Oct. 24, 2023

Description of specifications and indicators of the ring dieing die: the coarse truck weight granulator is used to produce pellet feed, biomass particles, Organic fertilizer, corn, rice husk, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut shell, corn cob, cotton stalk, soybean stalk, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark and other solid wastes as raw materials, which are crushed, crushed, pressurized, densified, and shaped into small stick shaped solid Pellet fuel. More than twenty hundred solid waste.

The 420 horizontal ring mold granulator is a new type of biomass feed granulator produced by Jingrui granulator, with high-precision gear rotation. This machine is characterized by energy conservation and high yield, and can process various biomass and feed raw materials, such as grass, crop straw, corn, beans, cypress, etc.

Biomass refers to the waste materials such as sawdust, straw, rice husk, waste plastic film, and urban life waste, which are selected, crushed, withered, ground, and formed into particles or bark as an empty raw material. It is the second generation of biofuels that do not compete with grain for land or people for food.

China is a large agricultural production country, and also a large fertilizer consumption country. The production of fertilizer consumes a large amount of non Renewable resource such as coal, electricity, and natural gas. Manure granulators are indispensable equipment for the production of fertilizer. Shandong biomass fertilizer consumption large flat die pelletizer is a special equipment for producing biomass Pellet fuel. After 40 years of development, it has achieved good technology and application, which makes China's complete set of granular feed equipment and output rise rapidly.

The ring mold granulator is a new type of biomass granulator with unique design, reasonable structure, efficient energy reduction, and long service life. The product has stable performance, high output, low energy consumption, and durable operation. Therefore, this equipment is a biomass pellet machine with high output, low price, low power consumption, simple operation, and convenient movement. If there is no power facility, diesel engines can be used to replace it.

ring die

The pellet feed press can be divided into ring and flat molds, so which one is better? Today, we will compare the flat mold and ring mold of the particle machine.

The ring mold granulator adopts a mechanical forced feeding method, which rotates at a high speed and is centrifugally distributed into the granulation chamber. The material is distributed through a scraper, resulting in uneven feeding; The flat mold granulator vertically enters the compression chamber based on the weight of the material itself, and can evenly feed the material.

The ring mold belongs to high rotational speed and has a high rate of damage during material discharge; The flat mold belongs to low rotational speed and low damage rate

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