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Adding insult to injury! The lifeline of the European economy is broken! Shipping of ring dies is further hindered, resulting in a significant increase in costs

Oct. 23, 2023

Adding insult to injury! The lifeline of the European economy is broken! The transportation of ring dies is further hindered, resulting in a significant increase in costs, and it is difficult for us to meet the requirements of technology and equipment. Therefore, we and our crop friends from the full transmission company should first know that our corn straw pellet machine is unknown to everyone, and one is a vertical ring mold and flat mold pellet machine. Let's specifically learn about it. One is a conventional corn straw pellet machine, but this series of corn straw pellet machines is the only product in China that can be crushed, and the quality of the straw pellet machine is guaranteed.

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The Pellet fuel produced by the corn straw pelletizer has a large ratio, small size, and combustion resistance, which can replace traditional fuels such as coal. China is a large-scale and sustainable development country. Currently, the fuel series products used in our country include multifunctional crushers, dual axis shredders, bucket elevators, spiral shredders, spiral elevators, bucket elevators, countercurrent coolers, automatic packaging machines, etc.

Corn straw pelletizer is a Pellet fuel molding equipment mainly developed with straw plants such as corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw and other materials as raw materials. According to the quality of the raw materials, the compressed particles can be used as biomass fuel or as livestock feed.

In order to produce Pellet fuel, corn straw pelletizer manufacturers invest a lot of money every year to upgrade technology and hardware. At the same time, the quality, output and total amount have reached the domestic leading level. But we still have a lot of feed machinery components to process, as there is no professional technical support in the market, so our technology has also been upgraded from the low-end to the high-end tail.

● Selected crops and forest wastes containing wood fiber, including peanut hull, bagasse, straw, alfalfa grass, sawdust, Used coffee grounds, rice hull, sunflower shell, cotton stalk, tobacco residue, mustard stem, bamboo, jute residue, tea residue, wheat straw, palm shell, bean shell, coconut shell, palm silk, medicine residue, etc. So we must be symptomatic and helpful.

Choosing a professional ring mold granulator is very important for the ring mold granulator. What is the purpose of our ring mold granulator? Can large manufacturers of ring mold particle machines automatically pack machines without discharging materials?

The lubrication part of the pressure roller of the ring mold particle machine adopts a microcomputer to track and monitor the operation in real-time. If the bearing temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature, the microcomputer will automatically start the lubrication device to protect the bearing lubrication, completely solving the problem of relying on experience for lubrication of the pressure roller.

When using the ring mold granulator, two major issues need to be noted. On the one hand, it takes a long time to cause the main machine of the particle machine to rotate for a period of time, which affects normal production. On the other hand, it can also have a significant impact.

After using the bearings of the ring mold granulator for a period of time, the temperature may be too high, thereby reducing the service life of the ring mold granulator and ensuring its normal production.

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