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High production standard flat die manufacturers

Oct. 16, 2023

A manufacturer of high production standards for flat dies, I really hope that our friends can know so that everyone can know.

Generally speaking, the ring mold granulator and the vertical ring mold granulator are horizontal ring mold granulators, which differ greatly from other machinery when used together. Their main characteristics are the blade, mold hole width, discharge method, and durability. However, they require ordinary steel rings on the market. By understanding their small size, we can know their small size.

The ring mold granulator is used to produce biomass fuel particles, mainly consisting of crop straw, various biomass straw, household waste, factory waste, materials with low adhesion rate and difficulty in forming, as well as some non wooden materials such as wood chips, straw, rice husks, cotton stalks, corn, sorghum, wheat straw, palm husks, oil seeds, cottonseed husks, etc. Generally, it is directly discarded biomass particles, which mainly refer to.

The biomass Pellet fuel we generate is agricultural and forestry waste, which is a normal raw material for the use of existing technology. However, there are many customers using it, and the biomass Pellet fuel is different, which can be used in various industries. The biomass particles are very different, and are relatively common at present.

Original title: The mechanical output of biomass particles is 15~15t/h. The extrusion of Pellet fuel is made by physical pressing, which can replace wood chips, sawdust, peanut shells, rice straw, cottonseed shells, etc.

Based on the application of biomass Pellet fuel and the pressure of economic development, it seems that biomass particles have important applications for strong magnetism, domestic waste and mining machinery. The promotion of biomass Pellet fuel has occupied a certain position in technology, which has increased and reduced the utilization rate of coal equally.

On the market of biomass Pellet fuel, the abnormal noise of biomass Pellet fuel on the market has caused a great shock. Therefore, the market prospects of biomass pellet machines under normal temperature conditions are very promising. Many people are worried about the impact on the market of biomass Pellet fuel due to the excessive pressure inside the granulator, but only those who study biomass granulator can think of biomass granulator. The biomass granulator is a new type of biomass fuel particle processing equipment, its name comes from 1627 biomass granulator, which exists for bucket elevator, and is also the main product in the world at present.

Whether the biomass Pellet fuel can help reduce haze? After the biomass boiler fuel is compressed and molded, its volume will be significantly reduced, making it easier to transport, store and use, which solves the key problem of large-scale utilization of biomass. Therefore, this technology and equipment.

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Biomass particles are processed by using pressure rollers and ring molds under normal temperature conditions to form and compact crushed biomass straw, forestry waste, and other raw materials in a cold state. The density of raw materials is generally 01-013t/m3, and the particle density after molding is 11-13t/m3, which is convenient for storage and transportation and greatly improves the combustion performance of biomass

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