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The transformation and development of the roller shell industry are becoming increasingly urgent

Oct. 16, 2023

The transformation and development of the roller shell industry are becoming increasingly urgent. How to trade in response to market changes and progress, as the "compression ratio" eliminates the cost of holes and prolongs the lifespan of the complete set of materials.

The automatic lubricating oil supply device will not generate any deviation due to manual load, but through the squeezing effect of the pressure roller and the ring mold on the roller, the powder will continuously regress, which may be due to a decrease in the matching area with the roller ring mold or a decrease in the matching area with the ring mold, and the quality of the powder.

The automatic lubricating oil supply device will not extend the service life of the particle machine due to appropriateness, nor will it extend the service life of the particle machine due to appropriateness.

Automatic adjustment function, which can easily adjust the conveying speed of the particle machine to ensure different normal loads.

Automatic traction belt transmission, which can smoothly feed and ensure no electricity generation.

Automatic fault design. In complex structural situations, due to low load operations, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the body parts, thereby affecting the power, operating efficiency, machine wear characteristics and other factors of the particle machine production. Users can design different particle machine production lines based on reasonable control of the raw materials used for vulnerable parts.

SZLH granulator SZLH animal feed granulator SZLH-X shrimp feed granulator SSHF curing kettle STZB jacket holder SDDC dual axis differential diameter differential speed modulator STZG jacket modulator.

SWFP Wide Micro Grinder SDFP Egg Chicken Material Grinder SFSP Water Droplet Grinder SFSP Hammer Grinder SWFL Vertical Shaft Ultra Micro Grinder Cake Breaker.

HHJD single shaft high-speed mixer HHJS double shaft chain drive paddle mixer HHJS stainless steel double shaft mixer HHJS double shaft direct connection paddle mixer SLHY single shaft spiral belt mixer STHJ molasses mixer.

SKLY impeller cooler SKLN counter flow cooler SKLB pendulum cooler FDRD dryer SWDG jacket stabilizer SHGL vertical dryer disc sterilizer.

SFJH rotary classification screen SFJHc drawer type rotary classification screen SSLG double layer crusher SFJZ vibrating classification screen STFZ feeding port vibrating screen.

roller shell

TCXT permanent magnet cylinder TFPX rotary distributor TCQS double-layer cylinder cleaning screen SCY particle cleaning screen SQLZ powder cleaning screen.

roller shell

TBLF pulse dust collector is a new type of dust collector, which is sometimes used as a particle cleaning screen compared to general dust removal.

Due to various reasons, we are not very familiar with it. 1. We need a lot of time to choose vertical ring molds, but in fact, we mainly need to carry out oversized particle machine ring molds. If you are interested in discussing your views on particle making machines.

Customized pellet machine is a type of equipment for processing biomass fuel, mainly used for the design of processing ring molds. Customized ring molds require a certain technical infrastructure based on the model or production model, in order to achieve ideal work.

When a new mold is blocked or a circular mold is blocked, it is not necessary to clean it in a timely manner. Instead, check the table immediately and use a drill bit to reduce the accumulation of blocked holes and drill out wood chips.

Working principle of straw pelletizer: straw pelletizer is a Pellet fuel molding equipment mainly developed with straw plants such as corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw and other materials as raw materials.

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