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Please pay attention to exporting flat die to these countries recently! Strike or make it impossible for customers to pick up goods.

Oct. 11, 2023

Please pay attention to exporting flat die to these countries recently! Strike or make it impossible for customers to pick up goods. Feed pellet machine generally refers to the stage where grain transportation and environmental pollution are relatively good during coal production, but the tolerance of these feed pellets in the internal circulation is very wide. The thicker the ring mold, the better. It is a domestic model, but other countries in China have similar refueling systems.

The fish feed used must be compressed into particles, and the particles contain a certain amount of water. If the water content of the particles is too high, they will directly die, and the hardness of these particles is relatively high. However, if the hardness is relatively low during modification, it is easy to form, and in the case of crushing, these fish feed can be increased as much as possible to ensure the formation of the particles. If the hardness of the particles is not enough, it cannot be purchased. For ordinary feed, fish feed also has a certain source of feed. If it starts late in contact with raw materials, it can help customers use it. If a lot of lubricating oil is used between raw materials and finished products, but if the compliance requirements of raw materials and finished products are not enough, it will also cause the feed pelletizer to not operate normally, so we need to maintain the raw materials of the equipment. If the water content of raw materials is too high, It can also cause excessive clearance between the particle machine ring mold and the pressure roller, which has a significant impact on the internal material of the particle machine. Generally speaking, if the compression is relatively low, both will generate intense friction, but we can choose to use the gap between the material and the mold for this, which is equivalent to causing disguised damage to the raw material.

The ring mold and pressure roller are made of hard alloy, alloy steel, alloy steel material, and stainless steel after heat treatment, and their hardness is also very poor. However, our pressure roller has good forging performance. If these two ring molds fail, the large pressure roller will not granulate.

Different die hole structures have different requirements, and if such faults occur, some die hole diameters may become larger.

flat die

When there is an eccentric shaft in the ring mold and pressure roller, it should be sanded by hand in a timely manner before re granulation. The ring mold is formed by granulating coarse fibers, but some people cannot achieve this. It is all done through a mold hole microcomputer.

When the ring mold granulator needs to be granulated, we should have the best solution, which is to extrude it.

The ring mold and pressure roller of the ring mold particle machine are made of alloy steel material and are closely studied. Users can choose according to different needs.

The ring mold and pressure roller of the ring mold granulator are made of alloy steel. Generally speaking, the reason for choosing the ring mold granulator is because the after-sales service that appears in the market is very important. Therefore, the appearance of the ring mold granulator is mainly because its basic function is to save 50 to 70% of the cost compared to other manufacturers' equipment.

Working principle of the ring mold particle machine: These screws are made due to the cutting company's lack of knowledge, where the size of the aperture is strictly determined by the aperture. Generally speaking, if it is at the same time, personal or disposable needs are good.

These four ring mold particle machines are divided into flat mold particle machines and ring mold particle machines, which are also known as centrifugal high-efficiency particle machines.

flat die

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