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The ring die industry is about to usher in the strictest anti monopoly era

Oct. 11, 2023

The ring die industry is about to enter the strictest anti monopoly era. It can scrape materials flat through a scraper and automatically open the material door to prevent a small amount of raw materials from entering the machine tool.

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Biomass pellet raw materials are optional. 1. At the beginning of use, they are all new and need to be produced in larger regions. Due to the current low market prices, it is necessary to accelerate the development of this stage.

When it is found that the surface of particles is not smooth, the manufacturer must correct the method so that they can be smoothly made into particles. If it operates normally, our particle machine will automatically reduce wear on the machine, thereby improving the brand of the particle machine. We can also use it.

When the surface of the particles is not smooth, we need to promptly inspect and check the wear of the fuel injection device to avoid friction with the machine, thereby extending the service life of the equipment and greatly reducing profits.

ring die

In the past, as the biomass Pellet fuel before the particle explosion was dry, so was the moisture of Pellet fuel, but later, the more we did not go away, the air pollution was caused, and there were many harmful gases and environmental pollution, so in this case, we need to adjust the water level in time to meet the requirements.

After using the ring mold for a period of time, after inspection, it was found that the surface of the particles was uneven, and even there were many unnecessary wounds on the particles. This problem indicates that there was a problem with the blades inside the particle machine. If the blades were intact, it could also cause rust on the surface of the particles, but the surface of the particles was very smooth, which could cause internal straw waste. Therefore, we need to maintain them to avoid problems with the ring mold, Moreover, such issues were discovered during the feeding process, and we need to take some time to restore them to normal.

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