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Latest insights! Change of Market trend of plane die

Oct. 11, 2023

Latest insights! The change forms of Market trend of plane die mainly include: order over threat, overload protection, warehousing protection, accident resolution, etc.

Pellet feed machine, divided into ring mold feed pellet machine, flat mold feed pellet machine, and roller feed pellet machine; According to usage, it can be divided into: small household pellet feed machine, poultry pellet feed machine, small poultry pellet feed machine, fish pellet feed machine, rabbit pellet feed machine, pig pellet feed machine, straw pellet feed machine; According to production, it can be divided into: straw feed pellet machine, wheat bran feed pellet machine, soybean meal feed pellet machine, corn straw feed pellet machine, sawdust feed pellet machine, etc. Various feed pellet machines are classified based on their appearance and production methods.

The least popular position, with no more than 7 people. Ask the customer to add smoke to the fuel letter and learn more about the details of the straw pellet machine manufacturer itself, 8-12T571102 residue. A warehouse style customer, please leave!

Raw material package circuit: The slot type wood crusher crushes holes on the edge of the particle board. If the wood crusher device is cleared, it can achieve precision in the company's automated production order and provide dimensional accuracy.

Hammer crusher, also known as wood chip crusher or wood chip granulator, is a type of high-speed hammer crusher that is widely used when materials enter the granulation chamber. It can be crushed and can also be used for garden bed foundations, precision bearing, and can lower the level of 2-3 levels.

Biomass granulator is made by crushing, drying, cooling, packaging and other methods to extrude biomass materials. It can be used to produce Pellet fuel and building materials.

It can be applied to Pellet fuel in grain, feed, light industry, mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries, and can be used to produce high moisture particles.

Mainly suitable for industrial production. Sufficient economic and social benefits have been obtained from the particle body.

Granulator is a kind of granulator designed through physical research, which is mainly suitable for granulation of coarse fiber, such as various crop straws such as wood chips, wood bran, rice husks, cotton stalks, cotton seed hulls, weeds, domestic garbage, waste plastics and factory wastes, materials with low adhesion rate and difficult to form, and also suitable for low-temperature granulation of biological bacterial fertilizer, Manure, compound fertilizer, etc.

The working process of the particle machine requires materials with a moisture content of 13%~17% to enter the quantitative conveyor from the storage bin. The appropriate material flow rate is obtained through the variable frequency speed control motor of the quantitative conveyor, and then enters the conditioner. Then, it enters the forced feeder and enters the compression chamber for granulation.

The transmission adopts high-precision gear transmission, and the ring mold adopts a quick release clamp type, which increases the output by about 20% compared to the belt transmission type.

The transmission part of the machine adopts high-quality bearings from Switzerland and Japan to ensure efficient, stable, and low noise transmission.

The internationally advanced compensating serpentine spring coupling has a novel, compact, safe, low noise, and low fault performance.

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