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How much capital does this ring die market attract

Sep. 27, 2023

There are many capital attracting projects in this ring die market. In order to meet the needs of different customers, our best-selling bacteria include: worm gears, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, winches, salons, batching scales, horizontal mixers, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, salons, oil leakage machines, dust collectors, salons, etc.

ring die

Determine the model and specifications of the equipment based on the actual needs of the customer, or design and customize according to the customer's special requirements, and provide the customer with a production line design process, truly designing a satisfactory and reasonable production line for the customer. All of this does not charge any fees to customers.

Always track the production process of products, while ensuring product quality, try to shorten the production cycle as much as possible, and pay attention to product acceptance work. Free dispatch of senior technical personnel from the company to assist clients in designing construction plans, striving for a reasonable and cost-effective construction plan.

The compost after crushing, mixing and fermentation is crushed into powder by Manure grinder. These powder and other prepared materials enter the mixer for mixing, and are sent to the granulator through the conveying equipment for granulation. The granulated Manure powder is sent to the Manure granulation equipment by conveyor, and the powder is granulated through the granulation process. The commonly used Manure granulators are disc granulators, new Manure granulators, ring mold granulators, etc. The corresponding granulators are selected according to the production process of Manure. Drying and cooling: The materials transported from the granulator enter the dryer for drying, and after drying, the materials enter the cooling machine to complete the cooling of the materials.

The wheel disc tipping machine is suitable for the fermentation and dumping of large span and high depth livestock manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter mud, dregs, cakes, straw sawdust and other organic wastes, and is widely used in Manure plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge garbage plants, horticultural farms, and bisporus cultivation plants for fermentation, decomposition and moisture removal. Performance feature 1: High flipping depth: Its flipping depth can reach 15-3 meters. 2. Large flipping span: Its flipping width can reach 30 meters. 3. Low energy consumption for flipping: Adopting a unique transmission mechanism, it reduces energy consumption by 70% compared to traditional flipping equipment under the same workload and limited ingredients. 4. Flipping without dead corners: The wheel disc is symmetrically installed, with low energy consumption. Low energy consumption: The main shaft bearing position on the supporting equipment is equipped with a matching oil seal, which can improve the working temperature of the supporting equipment. 5. Flipping without dead angles: The wheel disc is symmetrically installed, which can achieve spindle bearing life and low energy consumption. Based on these issues, let's make a judgment that this equipment is suitable for alloy wear-resistant steel, such as ring molds, wheel discs, doors, etc. 4. Flipping without dead corners: The equipment is mainly reflected in processes such as rough machining, cooling, and packaging.

Speed control: The drum speed, with a CPU content of over 60%, can significantly improve the feeding capacity and is the main improvement for vertical feeding of rural circular mold granulation.

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