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Complete list of roller shell specifications and models

Sep. 27, 2023

A complete set of roller shell specifications and models, suitable for granulation of different raw materials. By reducing the overall rate, the quality of processed particles for mold holes should reach over 50%. Low overall rate, especially according to certain specifications of feed pellets.

Daquan Sanjiang 3 Ring Mold Pellet Machine (also known as Ring Mold Pellet Feed Machine or Ring Mold Pellet Feed Forming Machine) belongs to feed granulation equipment. It is durable and can be quickly resized through the main motor of the machine.

roller shell

The drum screen adding machine is a granulation equipment that distributes materials and designs the structure with a cylinder and reinforced components (top) to improve the structure and stability of the granulation machine.

Ring mold pellet machine (also known as ring mold pellet feed machine or ring mold pellet feed forming machine) belongs to feed granulation equipment. It is a feed processing machine that directly compresses particles from crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, straw, and rice husk.

Sawdust granulator, also known as sawdust granulator and sawdust granulator, is a mechanical equipment that extrudes biomass sawdust raw materials into biomass Pellet fuel. A common sawdust particle machine can press sawdust with a diameter of 8mm and a moisture content of less than 20%, resulting in sawdust particles with a diameter of about 8mm.

Straw particles are made from crop straw or sawdust as the main raw material, and are pressed into cylindrical particles by a straw particle machine. According to the quality of the raw materials, the compressed particles can be used as biomass fuel or as livestock feed.

Sawdust granulator is mainly used as a production type machinery for crushing eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood, crop straw, and bamboo chips into sawdust and bran to process biomass fuel.

What is the price of sawdust particle machine and what form of sawdust particle machine is used? We believe that you can also help you solve many things, but the price of the particle machine will not be as easy to trade as we want. The price of the sawdust particle machine we use each time is different, so the price is very low.

The process flow of the particle machine production line is: sawdust particles → SZLH678 → EXT granulator → 4 → → EXT → granulator → 4 → → 4 → 5 → 4 → 5~6, a ring mold with a hardness of 320 should be used. The ring mold base assembly is integrated, and the material forms particles through the guide hole, enters the pressure roller, and is pressed into particles. After being pressed into particles, it is mixed with 900 materials and crushed into particles.

Particle equipment, crushing equipment, drying equipment, mixing equipment, screening equipment, packaging equipment, combustion equipment, conveying equipment, cooling equipment, and other equipment.

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